Trip Kid

family fun for frequent flyers


This is Matthijs’ daughter LouLou. She is holding the Trip Kid. A kit designed for stay-at-home kids of frequent flyers. Matthijs came up with this idea after a story his wife shared with him: “I was a frequent flyer for many years, sometimes being away from home for weeks in a row. One day, well into LouLou’s school year, I decided to bring her to school myself. I hadn’t done that for a long time because I traveled so much for work. The day after, a few parents walked up to my wife and told her that they didn’t know LouLou had a father..! OUCH… But at the same time, this was also a wake-up call for me to do something about it.”

There are so many stay-at-home kids who are connected to the globally mobile lifestyle as their parents travel the world for work. Missing your parent in the morning when getting out of bed, or worse: when something important happens in your life is a tough experience for a child. Being unable to connect as a consequence of time zones, poor connection, or heavy work schedules adds to the burden. And while every parent intends to bring a cool souvenir back for their child, the reality is that the time and effort to share experiences abroad often ends up being an extra stressor. 

Expat Valley wants to make a positive change by launching the Trip Kid: it keeps families connected even though there are oceans between them. The Trip Kid isn’t a time travel capsule but we’ve invented something much more valuable - quality family time before, during, and after business travel! Each international trip brings a new set of activities to share experiences, create memories, and celebrate the moment the family is reunited. And of course, frequent flyers’ kids get extra special rewards!

Our ambition is to have Trip Kid’s available for all sorts of situations in which children and their parent(s) are separated. We are currently working hard to introduce a special version for the 2021 Olympics. An event that is focused on connecting the world, should avoid separation between parents and their children as much as possible.