Creating your most family friendly policy

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We love to connect with organisations who are looking to build family happiness into the policies of their cross-border workforce. Simple and creative initiatives can make all the difference if expat kids thrive or barely survive. Expat Valley is there to guide you with putting expat kids at the centre of the mobility experience and creating a joyful and nurturing environment where they can blossom.

Together, we can build an ecosystem that recognizes and values expat kids as a welcome benefit and stakeholder of the mobility experience. This will develop a strong bond and sense of community between expat kids, parents and the sponsoring organisation. Imagine a world where expat kids will become fans of your business and understand the job their parents do.

Providing high-quality 'off-site child care' will help the business exercise its obligations as global employer, earning trust of employees having to worry less about the safety and wellbeing of their kids that feel protected. It will also earn employee loyalty, balanced focused employees and boosts retention and engagement rates.

Carefully managing and improving the employee experience could also positively impact the bottom line by reducing the number of failed expat assignments caused by family stress and challenges with adjustment. Not to mention, introducing wellbeing benefits that ultimately have to pay for themselves and creating opportunities that differentiate brand and culture from the competition.

In our tool'kid', we integrate concept, creation and production under one roof. Ranging from print to online, we are able to develop exciting, customized concepts that support all types of international organisations with exploring the art of the possible.