Becoming a child-friendly brand

Our careers allowed us to explore the world, taste new cultures and meet wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds. These experiences definitely advanced our careers, and made us develop our identities outside of the context of the place we grew up in. We are proud to feel global citizens. You probably have a similar story: different cultural flavors in your roots, growing up as an expat, having friends from abroad, or a defining moment in your life that made you realize that despite all people’s differences, we’re so much alike. 

Everybody cares for the future of our planet, everybody wants to do best for the children in their lives. But it is hard work and despite our good intentions, children’s needs are often overlooked when big decisions are made. Our international careers taught us the flipside of international mobility: the impact it has on children and the development of their sense of belonging. 

We wish we could say that we have the solution to all problems experienced by children on the move. We don’t. What we do have to offer is an open conversation to help you understand how children are impacted by international migration. Once you are aware of the problem and the potential of these children, you will be in a position to decide what you feel is the right thing to do. 

Our ambitions is for two things to come out of our MeetUps: 

A growing community of people that care for children on the move, exchanging experiences and ideas and working together towards a future in which international mobility is primarily an enriching experience for children.

For all organizations to take responsibility over the impact their decisions have on children and for them to care for these children.

Contact us via the channel you are most comfortable with or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you to meetup.