Philosophy of Thriving

We believe the impact of international migration should be a positive one: an enriching experience that exposes a child to different cultures. A child should feel safe while growing up: by fostering a strong connection with both their parents and their extended family, no matter the distance between them. We believe that every child’s environment should support them in expressing their own, unique voice, no matter the languages spoken. For all these reasons we are building the world’s happiest ecosystem for children on the move.

Together, we bring over twenty years of personal and professional experience in children’s exposure to international migration. We have seen its impact on our own children. We engaged with parents, educators, anthropologists, therapists, employers, municipalities, adult third culture kids and, of course, children to learn about their experiences. We learned what was difficult for them, what helped, what left a scar, what made them feel safe, and about the defining moments of their journeys. Based on everything we have learned so far, we developed the Philosophy of Thriving: five building blocks representing the ingredients of the change we’re making.


discover what was unknown before


learn to improve


link existing and new ambitions


commit to play


showcase success stories

We are just getting started. But while you’re here, please allow us to introduce you to:

Ultimately, we aim to be out of work as we envision a future in which society is equipped to embrace internationally mobile children. Until then, we have an endless supply of ideas for products, services, and collaborations to help everyone move in the right direction.