First Aid Kid

making a home abroad feel like 'home'


The picture above resonates a lot with Karlijn’s experience when moving to Shanghai: “I had never been outside of Europe, but felt very excited to move. It wasn’t until we were onboard the flight that would take us away from everything and everyone we knew, that it felt as if reality hit me and I realize the immensity of our decision. Finding a job as a children’s therapist helped me get back on my feet. I loved supporting expat children with a variety of developmental and emotional needs, applying my skills reminded me of the person I was back home. A striking difference was formed by the children who were truly suffering as a consequence of their expatriation: children with anxiety issues, attachment problems and self-harming behavior of all sorts. Paying attention to the impact of life-changing decisions for children is very much needed. I believe that the First Aid Kid empowers children and their parents in doing so.”

The First Aid Kid is the first of its kind: it was designed to help expat kids overcome the barriers to settle into a new country. The products inside are developed to help children understand and prepare for the different steps in the process of moving abroad. Different age groups, cultural and language aspects of global communities have been take into account when developing each individual product. Most importantly, the kit is fun and exciting! Children and their parents can connect over its content: through play, simply for fun, or engage in conversation over topics that can be otherwise difficult to put on the table.

And in case you still come across some sharp edges, don’t worry - we have also included some cool essentials that can be found in any 'normal' first aid kit.

Our ambition is that every employer who sends families across borders, considers the fact that children’s lives are significantly impacted, and it is their responsibility to extend care as much as possible. Supplying a First Aid Kid is the first step to take!