A community of people & organizations that care


We build relationships with believers in doing right by children on the move. People who are already convinced that we have a right to wellbeing that is free from harm carried out by corporate or government activities. We know that we find ourselves in the forefront of changemakers towards sustainable business. This position allows us to tap into a larger ecosystem of changemakers: a network of believers in doing what is right, supported by global initiatives including the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In a perfect world, everyone takes responsibility for their own actions. In the example of a classic expatriate assignment the acting roles of the shareholder (business) and stakeholder (employee) are easily defined. We are advocating for the rights of a child as a futureholder: they are impacted by the business’ decisions and are therefore naturally entitled to its attention and care. We know that good intentions and money do not equal care. It takes more than that. See our Impact page for examples of how you can help.

Linking decision-makers to futureholders and concepts can be difficult. Children forced out of their home countries often appear to be nobody’s responsibility. At Expat Valley, we believe that all children are our collective responsibility. We seek like-hearted businesses and non-profits ready to collaborate on support systems for children who are otherwise stuck, often literally, in no man’s land.

While we’re on the topic of responsibility, we also believe that sustaining our natural environment is something we should all be held accountable for. As a business, we consciously aim to leave our planet in better shape than how we found it. As ecosystem guardians, we want to apply its power to activate our children to do the same thing. Imagine the lifecycle of businesses supporting children to also work the other way around: creative concepts designed to activate children in caring for the future of our planet.

We realize that not every organization on the planet is ready for this right now, and we will do whatever it takes to convince them about the need for change. The problem we are fighting does not need passive bystanders: it requires action and effort to create a sustainable future for next generations. Different choices need to be made to accomplish this goal: people over profit & eco over ego.