Creative concepts

First Aid Kid
- making a home abroad feel like 'home'-

The First Aid Kid is first of its kind and comes with a number of amazing and unique products to help expat kids overcome the barriers to settle into a new country.

All products have been exclusively designed and tested for expat kids and will have to live up to the brand promise before making it into the kit. Different age groups, cultural and language aspects of global communities have been take into account when developing each individual product.

Helping expat kids during the various stages of the relocation cycle in a playful manner and making a home abroad feel like 'home' is what the First Aid Kid is about. But above all, the kit is fun and exciting! And in case you still come across some sharp edges, don’t worry - we have also included some cool essentials that can be found in any 'normal' first aid kit.


Trip Kid
- family fun for frequent flyers -


This is my 5-year-old daughter LouLou. She is holding our new concept, the Trip Kid. A kit designed for stay-at-home kids of frequent flyers. I came up with this idea after a story my wife shared with me. I was a frequent flyer myself for a number of years. One day, well into LouLou’s school year I decided to bring her to school myself which I hadn’t done for a long time because I traveled so much for work. The day after, a few parents walked up to my wife and said, “I didn’t know LouLou had a father?” OUCH… But at the same time, this was also a wake-up call for me to do something about it.

There are so many stay-at-home kids that are connected to the globally mobile lifestyle of their parent(s) in some way. Business travel also impacts them and often comes at a cost to family life.

Expat Valley wants to make a positive change by launching the Trip Kid that keeps families connected even though there are oceans between them. The Trip Kid isn’t a time travel capsule but we’ve invented something much more valuable - quality family time before, during and after business travel!