Expat Valley and Edufax join creative and academic forces


Working independently is great, but building the world’s happiest ecosystem for expat kids also requires a bit of teamwork. That’s why Expat Valley has teamed up with Edufax, the go-to expert for innovative, educational solutions for expat kids.

Through our shared passion to put children at the centre of the mobility experience, we will explore new grounds together and start with conducting and circulating up-to-date research on the expat experience of children. Research on internationally mobile families tends to be adult focused. Expatriate Family Adjustment: An Overview of Empirical Evidence on Challenges and Resources (2018) claims that while many studies are dedicated to the expat family, the most recent findings suggest that further research is needed on the adjustment of expatriate children and adolescents.

Our partnership initiatives will therefore be aimed at supporting the families and global mobility teams behind them to facilitate a nurturing, supportive, and successful assignment for children. 

Helping global mobility teams close the gap
Relocating an assignee with children is complex. Given all the stakeholders involved–including hiring managers, the business, and the assignees themselves–it can be a daunting task to keep all parties on the same page.

And when occupied with the grown-up matters of an international assignment, it becomes easy to assume that the children who join along are resilient, flexible, and unaffected. But as The Expatriates Family as a Stakeholder of the Firm (2016) points out, children are stakeholders too.

Considering that the findings of the 2018 Relocating Partner Survey Report created by EY demonstrate that 40% of failed assignments are due to child-related issues, Expat Valley and Edufax are inspired to make a difference. Karlijn Jacobs, CEO of Edufax, explains: “Historically, we have seen employers willing to offer educational mobility support services to their assignee’s children, as it is common practice to bear responsibility for costs associated with their children’s education too. Nowadays, general HR policies recognize employee wellbeing as an indicator for the business’ success. Together with Expat Valley, we aim to introduce expat children’s wellbeing as a key indicator to successful assignments.”

Our commitment
Expat Valley and Edufax are committed to supporting global mobility teams advocate for the needs of children at all stages of the relocation cycle and are on a mission to facilitate the holistic academic and socio-emotional development of tomorrow’s global citizens.