"Beneath every mountain lies a valley and beyond every problem lies a solution"

- Gift Gugu Mona

Expat Valley is a Dutch-based startup founded by me, Matthijs de Rave. Most of us know that feeling where we spend many years becoming good at the wrong thing, climbing the wrong mountain. I came to realize I was doing exactly that and decided it was time to find my purpose in life, down in the valley.

My love (besides my wife and 3 kids) has always been writing children’s books and developing creative concepts which I have done for the last 20 years.

At the same time, I was able to develop my professional skills by working for global healthcare providers for over 10 years. This allowed me to partner with many international organisations around the globe and gain deep understanding of the expatriate community and its challenges, both from a family and employer perspective.

During my professional career, I noticed there was a predominant focus on the expatriate employee but the individual challenges of expat kids were never really addressed. I remember thinking - some day I will come up with an exciting solution for this.

At the intersection of those three elements is where you can find the soul of the Expat Valley ecosystem. Creating a place where we can make you feel something for the change we’re making and where we can tell how the world could be is also the place where I feel most alive. So I called all of my heroes, defined the change I wanted to make and started climbing the right mountain (hopefully!)