Welcome to the World’s Happiest Ecosystem
for International Children

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We are building this ecosystem together with organizations that are looking to benefit from extending their care to international children and their families.

Where Organizations of a global workforce with accompanying children (multinational corporations, NGO’s, IGO’s, government agencies) can significantly improve their employee experience.

Where Organizations that are stakeholders in the global mobility industry, such as (local and international) schools, relocation companies, workforce consulting firms, health services companies, municipalities, etc. can differentiate their value proposition.

This program focuses on children that migrate with their parents, as one or both of their parents have accepted a job offer abroad.

These children and their families experience significant change in their lives. Supporting them with the relocation process, settling-in, and the long-term adjustment to the impact of international migration, benefits the child(ren) and their family.

Participating in “The World’s Happiest” program allows you to find your organization’s ideal position in this ecosystem and discover how you can make the most difference for international children.

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