About Expat Valley

Our Vision
We believe that international migration should be an enriching experience that allows children to thrive.

Our Mission
We are building the world’s happiest ecosystem for international children. This is a community where everyone benefits from extending care to these children.

Our Role
We are the Ombudsperson for International Children. Our purpose is to create systemic change by establishing successful relationships between international children and the organizations that want to be part of the World's Happiest Ecosystem.

Our Impact Model
Our Impact Model is a formula that allows us to distinguish how our activities contribute to our mission in alignment with our vision: Awareness + Action = Change. We raise awareness with various stakeholders about international children’s experiences and facilitate action for positive change.

Our History

Expat Valley was founded in 2021, inspired by the realization that family needs and wellbeing are often overlooked by organizations supporting internationally mobile families. Since then, we have been dedicated to offering holistic support to internationally mobile families and navigating the complex landscape of various stakeholders. 

In 2022, we implemented the First Aid Kid for our first multinational corporate client.
In 2023, we extended our support to service providers in the global mobility industry.
In 2024 we are launching: 
  • Family Support Services;
  • Global Family Library;
  • Ask Me Anything events;
  • International Family Expert Alliance. 


Our Team

Founder & CEO

Karlijn Jacobs ︎ is the visionary leader behind Expat Valley. With a passion for enhancing the lives of internationally mobile families, Karlijn has been instrumental in shaping the organization's mission and driving its growth.

Art Director

Idris van Heffen ︎ is responsible for bringing our brand, its stories and products to live. 

Family Support Team
Our team of dedicated Family Support Consultants brings a wealth of expertise in supporting internationally mobile families. With a focus on family wellbeing and resilience, our consultants provide tailored support to meet the unique needs of each family.

Caroline Giffon-Wee  ︎

Children’s Support Services Consultant

Megan Norton ︎

Children’s Support Services Consultant

Luise Zagst  ︎

Children’s Support Services Consultant

Events & Media

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Expat Valley. We're here to assist you in any way we can. Below are various ways you can contact us:

Email: hey@expatvalley.com
Phone & Whatsapp: (+31)6 18 01 01 96 (available during office hours in the CET time zone)
Schedule a Meeting: via Calendly
Attend an online Event: via LinkedIn Events


We are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under license number 82246947

Our VAT registration number is NL862393115B01

And our bank account number is NL58TRIO0320303470