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Below you will find what we can do today to help you positively impact international children’s lives.

Children’s Support Services

A parent is only as happy as their unhappiest child” is a direct explanation as to why ⅓ of international assignment’s failure is attributed to family reasons. Children need support from their parents to successfully relocate and settle-in to life in a new country. In turn, their parents need support too.

Our one-stop solution ensures a smooth family journey, addressing both the positive aspects—such as cultural enrichment and global networking—and potential challenges, including educational disruptions and emotional impacts. With a dedicated personal assistant and a global service catering to parents of children of all ages and nationalities, our family journey includes a needs assessment, tailored support addressing key concerns, and optional expert referrals for a well-rounded and positive relocation experience for the entire family.

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First Aid Kid

The best way to change the lives of children is by putting something in their hands, for them to play with and learn from (click here to learn more about the content of the First Aid Kid).

The First Aid Kid and its content are designed to help children prepare themselves for the different stages of international migration, and to support them with coping with all the change in their lives.

If you represent an organization that is interested in providing the First Aid Kid or a selection of its products to international children, we can help you tailor content and determine how to best align this intention with your core activities.

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Inspiration Sessions

We organize Inspiration Sessions to talk about international children and their experiences to raise awareness with different stakeholders that are in a position to make a difference for these children.

See our LinkedIn Events page for our upcoming in-house sessions, watch recordings of previous sessions here, schedule a digital in-house session here, or contact us when you want to organize an Inspiration Session tailored to your organization or event.

The Ombudscan

The Ombudscan is a series of workshops designed for Organizations looking to explore and learn about how their organization would benefit from extending their care to international children.

The Ombudscan is relevant to organizations who work directly with and for children, and also for organizations whose positioning or proposition is important to the parents of these children, or the employers of the parents of these children.

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