Welcome to Expat Valley: Supporting Organizations with International Relocation

At Expat Valley, we understand the challenges organizations face when relocating their employees internationally. With our comprehensive suite of services, we're here to support organizations like yours in achieving successful international relocations while prioritizing the well-being of your globally mobile workforce and their families.

Our Services for Organizations

Expat Valley offers a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations navigating international relocations. Our services include:

Family Relocation Experience - Inspiration Session:
Gain valuable insights into the family relocation experience with our interactive inspiration sessions. Learn how to contribute to a better family relocation experience and enhance the success of your international assignments.

Family Relocation Experience - Survey & Report:
Measure the effectiveness of your organization's international relocation support with our comprehensive survey and report. Obtain reliable data to inform decision-making and improve your relocation programs.

Family Relocation Experience - Quickscan & Roadmap:
Get expert guidance on making your organization's international relocation support more family-friendly. Our quickscan and roadmap workshops provide actionable recommendations tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals.

Family Relocation Experience - Pilot Program:
Test our family support solutions with a pilot program tailored to your organization's needs. Determine which solutions add the most value and how they can be successfully implemented across your global workforce.

Our Services for Employees and their Families

Expat Valley is dedicated to supporting internationally mobile employees and their families throughout the relocation process. Our services include:

Global Family Library: a digital solution that educates families about all aspects of international relocation with children. Make informed decisions about international relocation offers with confidence.

Family Support Community:
Join a supportive community of international families moderated by expert consultants. Engage in monthly sessions and activities to foster resilience and well-being during international relocations.

Family Support Services:
Receive personalized support tailored to your family's needs during significant life changes such as international relocation or repatriation. Benefit from a family needs assessment and support sessions to navigate transitions with ease.

Special Family Support Services:
Access tailored support for families facing unique challenges during international relocations, such as special educational needs, single-parenting, or demanding job roles.

Family Support Products & Packages:
Gift children meaningful tools and resources to understand and process international relocations. Choose from customizable products to celebrate milestones and support families throughout their international journey.

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Expat Valley:

"The session was engaging and interactive: our learnings were enriched with stories from our colleagues who shared their personal experiences from growing up across borders and/or having loved ones living abroad with their children." - Ingka Group, Global Mobility Manager

"Working with Expat Valley has been an enriching experience for the SABIC team as they approach the support to children on assignment from a children’s perspective, proactively bringing suggestions to the table that took the discussions to the next level.” - SABIC, Head of Global Mobility

"With Family Support Services you can provide as a company a valuable benefit to the children who go on an international assignment with their parents." - Satisfied Global Mobility Specialist

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