The world’s happiest ecosystem for expat kids

Expat Valley is a creative company that designs amazing concepts for the expat community. We like to think BIG but decided to start small. And by small we mean starting with kids...expat kids! Why? Because in today’s world of hyper mobility the voices of expat kids are not always heard. This puts their life into warp drive and is creating a lot of challenges for them. Expat Valley wants to make a positive change by launching unconventionally designed products that support and protect their wellbeing.

That’s why our brand promise is to build the world’s happiest ecosystem for expat kids. To achieve this we also need parents, organisations and really cool concepts interacting joyfully with each other so that we can jointly 'produce' our best 'product' - happy expat kids! And with expat kids we mean all kinds of kids that grow up cross-culturally in some way.