Welcome to the
World’s Happiest Ecosystem
for International Children

We are Expat Valley. We are the Ombudsperson for International Children.

We believe that international children and their families are part of an ecosystem surrounded by various types of organizations. Everyone benefits when these organizations consciously care for them, based on an understanding of how migration impacts these children’s lives.

Choose one of the routes above to learn more about how we can help your organization care for the international children closest to you. Or continue reading to learn more.

Awareness Activities

The best starting point to understanding the importance of our work is learning about how international migration impacts children.
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You can develop a further understanding by reading our 52 stories series. Every week we tell the story of an international child.
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Our team regularly hosts Inspiration Sessions to talk about international children’s experiences and what can be done to support them. See our LinkedIn Events page for our upcoming in-house sessions, watch recordings of previous sessions here, or organize an Inspiration Session tailored to your organization or event. 
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The Team

Our team is always happy to meet you when they’re not busy designing or delivering our solutions. This is us:

Matthijs de Rave


Idris van Heffen


Karlijn Jacobs


Our History

In 1979, a children’s book writer was born.
In 1985, an artist was born.
In 1986, a do-gooder was born.

Their paths did not cross until one spent a big part of his career in international health care services, another built a successful design studio that aims to inspire children, and the last was a children’s therapist that accompanied her partner on an international move.

In 2020, they joined forces and Expat Valley was founded.
In 2021, they launched the First Aid Kid.
In 2022, they continued developing solutions for international children and introduced the World’s Happiest Ecosystem.

In 2023, Expat Valley is a social enterprise with a continuously improving range of solutions and programs, all intended to accomplish our ultimate goal: we want international children to thrive!